Episode 392: Alaska Spanked For Being Messy - 10 mins.
Alaska Rae has been messy in the sorority house when she should have been cleaning instead. Hedda catches her not cleaning, instead reading and lounging on her bed. Hedda is very stern about punishing Alaska with a spanking on her curvy bottom, using both her hand and the wooden bath paddle.
Episode 391: Clare Gives Harely Nicole a Spanking - 8 mins.
Clare Fonda is helping new girl Harley Nicole prepare for her big exam. Clare tells Harley that a good old fashioned over the knee spanking will help motivate her to do better on her test. Harley decides to give it a try, but she is then surprised at just how much Clare makes her bottom sting and turn red.
Episode 390: Student Dria Spanks Gigi Lea - 10 mins.
Both students Dria and Gigi Lea were spanked by Teacher Snow. Finally, Gigi admits that she was the one who copied off Dria. But it is too late, Dria was already spanked. So no she is looking for some payback. She puts Gigi over her knee for a very sound spanking in the office, with hand and large wooden ruler.
Episode 389: Teacher Snow Spanks Dria - 10 mins.
Now Dria gets her turn to get spanked by Teacher Snow while Gigi Lea watches. Dria does not confess to cheating on the test, so she receives a very painful spanking, just as if she had cheater. When it is over, both Dria and Gigi are unable to sit and both have very red, very curvy bottoms.
Episode 388: Teacher Snow Spanks Gigi Lea - 10 mins.
Strict Teacher Snow Mercy has discovered that students Gigi Lea and Dria got the exact same answers on the test, right and wrong answers. It was not a passing grade either. So she will spank each student until one confesses to copying off the other. Gigi goes first, as her curvy bottom is turned bright red with hand and wooden ruler.
Episode 387: Sage Pillar Spanks Em Indica - 11 mins.
Lab partners Sage Pillar and Em Indica created an accident with their science experiment. Em has been in trouble before and wants Sage to take the blame as they await their punishment in the School Office. Sage agrees, but only if she can give Em a spanking. Right now. Em agrees and gets a painful spanking from Sage.
Episode 386: Rose Spanks Iris - 7 mins
Well, it turns out that the class project was a failure and Rose has no one to blame but Iris for this. And Iris even spanked her to help convince her to team up with her. So now Iris finds herself over the knee of braniac Rose, who delivers a sound spanking, leaving both ladies with sore, red bottoms.
Episode 385: Iris Spanks Rose - 8 mins.
Iris Steele begs Rose B to be her homework partner for a big class assignment. When Rose refuses, Iris uses some creative methods to make her point. Rose ends up over the knee of the taller Iris, receiving a sound spanking with her hand, plus a paddle. Seems like they will become partners and Rose will have a sore, red bottom.
Episode 384: Rebecca Spanks Clare - 8 mins.
Teacher Clare Fonda spanked Rebecca Vanguard for her bad attitude about doing nude yoga. Now the nude Rebecca is threatening to tell the principal about this spanking. Clare will do anything to stop that from happening. Which leads to Clare getting over her knee for a sound spanking of her own. Both ladies end up with sore, red bottoms!
Episode 383: Nude Yoga Spanking - 10 mins.
Teacher Clare Fonda is showing a very reluctant student Rebecca Vanguard how to do nude yoga. Tired of her negative attitude, Clare puts Rebecca over her knee and gives her a very painful spanking that turns that bottom bright red. Rebecca is left rubbing her sore bum with revenge on her mind.
Episode 382: Kiki Spanked For Graffiti - 11 mins.
Tiny Kiki Cali gets called into the office of tall beauty Sky Terrapin, who has found out about Kiki leaving graffiti in the bathroom. Kiki is about to get spanked hard over the knee of the counselor, but she remains bratty and defiant until her bottom is bright red and she cannot sit down.
Episode 381: Madison Sky Spanks Teacher Clare - 13 mins.
Teacher Clare Fonda recently spanked Jill after their trip to the beach. But there were many reasons that spanking was not authorized. Student Madison Sky has figured some of them out and now she is prepared to stay silent on the matter after she gives Clare a sound spanking over her knee. Madison even uses a hairbrush.
Episode 380: Dolly Spanked For Wrong Answers - 11 mins.
Dolly Mattel somehow managed to get every single answer wrong on the test. When she visits the office of Madame SamanthaB, she ends up over her knee for a sound spanking. Samantha even uses a leather paddle to drive her lesson home. Dolly ends up with a sore, red bottom that she needs to rub for some time.
Episode 379: After Beach Spanking - 11 mins.
Teacher Clare Fonda is upset with how student Jill Taylor behaved on the sorority trip to the beach. She was showing off and acting up and has earned herself a sound spanking. Clare puts Jill over her knee for a sound hand spanking that turns that curvy bright red. Jill has trouble sitting after her punishment.
Episode 378: Sky Spanks Tutor Kim - 12 mins.
Kim Chi is doing a bad job of tutoring students. She gets called into the office of Sky Terrapin, who is shocked to hear Kim insult her students and basically say they are not doing well because they are dumb. Sky uses the corporal punishment clause at the school to give Kim a hard spanking over her knee, even using a strap.
Episode 377: Eve Spanks Iris - 6 mins.
Iris Steele has recently spanked Eve. But Eve figured out that it was not authorized by the sorority, so she gets the chance to give Iris a spanking so no one will have to hear about it. Even has Iris over her knee for a sound spanking, turning her bottom red. So both ladies end up rubbing their sore bottoms together.
Episode 376: Ella Raine Spanks Arella Bell - 8 mins.
Ella Raine finds out that volleyball player Arella Bell was not even trying to win their last volleyball game. Ella decides that what Arella really needs is some motivation to try harder to play better. Turns out that a spanking over her knee is what will help Arella do her best next time. A hairbrush drives the point home.
Episode 375: Ziva Spanks and Paddles Lexi - 7 mins
Lexi Holland just spanked Ziva Fey unjustly. But Ziva has amazing strength for a tiny sorority girl, which she demonstrates by lifting up Lexi. Then she puts Lexi over her knee for a sound spanking on her bare bottom. She finishes with 26 swats with the paddle, which she has Lexi count out loud. Pain and humiliation.
Episode 374: Massage Spanking - 10 mins.
Lexi Holland is giving a nude Ziva Fey a massage to welcome her to her new sorority. Lexi is pretty new to this sorority, too. But she decides to initiate Ziva with a sound spanking over her knee. She even uses a green paddle. And Lexi makes sure that bottom is well oiled so it stings even more.
Episode 373: Iris Spanks New Girl Eve - 7 mins
Iris Steele greets new girl, Eve, by letting her know that she is in for an elaborate initiation to the sorority. It begins with Iris giving Eve a spanking over her knee. With her hand, plus a wooden hairbrush. The spanking stings, and turns her bottom bright red, until Eve becomes suspicious about this.
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