Episode 191: Rachel Spanked For Being a Bad Tutor - 13 mins.
Rachel Adams attempts to teach Veronica Ricci Spanish so she can pass her exam. But Rachel does not really know what she is doing and instead was just trying to make a quick buck. Big mistake when your victim is Veronica. Rachel quickly finds herself over the knee of the tall and powerful Veronica, who spanks and paddles Rachel until she learns he... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 190: Luci Spanked for Bad Grades - 10 mins.
Luci Lovett gets called into the office of teacher Clare Fonda, who calls Luci out for her bad grades. Clare offers to tutor Luci, but she blows it off and is about to leave when Clare puts Luci over her knee for a painful spanking to teach her a lesson about maintaining acceptable grades and putting in the necessary effort. The leather paddle is e... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 189: Adriana Gets Revenge on Sister Alex - 10 mins.
Adriana Evans was recently spanked by Sister Mary Alex (Alex Reynolds) in her office. And now the tough girl Adriana is looking for some payback. And so she negotiates a way to put the nun over her knee for a hard spanking, with her hand and a wooden ruler. And she finishes the nun off by having her bend over her own desk for a whack with the large... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 188: Veronica Spanks Dria in the Chapel - 12 mins.
New Pledge Dria shows up to chapel wearing the shortest short-shorts ever. Veronica Ricci is not please. She has Dria bend over for some swats with the large wooden pledge paddle before putting her over her knee in the front of the chapel before putting her over her knee for a long, very hard spanking with a wooden bath brush that leaves Dria extre... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 187: Riley Anne Spanked for Spreading Rumors - 10 mins.
Teacher Clare Fonda calls the super cute Riley Anne into her office and accuses her of spreading rumors. Riley denies it, so Clare decides to get to the bottom of matters by putting Riley over her knee for a long, sound spanking on her bare bottom. Clare even rubs cream on the red bottom of Riley, which will probably get Clare into some trouble sin... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 186: Sister Alex Spanks Adriana in Her Office - 7 mins.
Rowdy new girl Adriana Evans gets called into the office of Sister Mary Alex for some attitude correction. The strict nun spanks the naughty schoolgirl over her knee with her hand and a wooden ruler. This is painful and embarrassing for Adriana, but when she is asked to bend over the desk for a stroke with the large wooden sorority paddle, things m... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 185: Luci Lovett Spanked For Bullying - 14 mins.
Luci Lovett was caught bullying again so she goes to the school office where senior girls is waiting to punish her. Luci goes over the knee for a long, painful spanking that includes hand and two wooden paddles. Luci protests, but there is no getting out of this punishment that she so deserves. After the spanking, Luci rubs her sore, red curvy bott... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 184: Ashley Gets Revenge on Nikki - 10 mins.
After Nikki Turner gave Ashley Lane a sound spanking in the office, Ashley now gets a turn for revenge. She puts Nikki over he knee for a painful spanking, using her hand and a hairbrush. When Ashley has finished the spanking, both ladies have sore red bottoms, which they rub right there in the office.
Episode 183: Sister Bernadette Punishes Sarah - 12 mins.
Student Sarah Gregory is being frisky and naughty, so Sister Bernadette bursts into her room to teach her a lesson. She spanks her, paddles her, strips her naked, has Sarah bend over and then straps her. Great dynamic between this real life top/bottom. It seems like this nun gets a bit frisky too, but whenever Sarah protests become sassy, the punis... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 182: Tali Dova Spanked for Bad Cooking - 12 mins.
New girl Tali Dova is supposed to cook this week for the sorority so Veronica Ricci tests her cooking skills. When Tali puts in little effort into the meal, Veronica decides to give her extra motivation by putting her over her knee for a very long and painful spanking that turns her bottom bright red and makes it difficult for Tali to sit down. Ver... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 181: Apricot Gives a Revenge Spanking - 6 mins.
Clare Fonda has spanked Apricot Pitts while tutoring her in her bedroom. Well, Apricot is not okay with this, and she believes that revenge is a dish best served over the knee. That is where she puts Clare, giving her a sound spanking, first on her panties, then embarrassing her with a bare bottom thrashing. She finishes up by using a wooden hairb... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 180: River Spanks Juliette For Masturbating - 7 mins.
Juliette March recently spanked fellow sorority girl River Fox for peeping on her while she was masturbating. River threatens to tell the nuns about all of this --- unless she can give Juliette a spanking of her own. So River gives her first ever spanking by putting Juliette over her knee and demonstrates an unusual, but painful, wrist-snapping sty... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 179: Luci Gets to Spank Veronica - 8 mins.
Luci Lovett got spanked recently by Veronica Ricci. And she is going to tell on Veronica, unless she agrees to take a spanking from Luci. Reluctantly, Veronica gets over her knee and receives a spanking that turns her curvy bottom red. She gets so sore, that she must rub her poor bottom after this painful spanking. And she is surprised by how hard ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 178: Cherry Gives a Payback Spanking - 10 mins.
Cherry recently was spanked by Mia. But now she tells Mia how she will not tell the nuns what Mia did if she lets Cherry give her a revenge spanking. Reluctantly, Mia agrees, then quickly finds herself over the knee of Cherry, who smiles while she spanks that curvy bottom with all that she has. Mia is left rubbing her sore bottom, and finding it d... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 177: Clare Tutors Apricot With a Spanking - 7 mins.
Clare Fonda tutors Apricot Pitts in her room. But the teacher points out how badly the student is doing so Clare suggests some discipline will go a long way toward improving the lesson. Clare puts Apricot over her knee for a firm spanking, using her hand and a hairbrush. Apricot squirms and protests, but it does not stop her from getting spanked ov... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 176: Veronica Spanks the New Girl Luci Lovett - 9 mins.
When new girl Luci Lovett is sassy to Veronica Ricci, she quickly learns her place. And for now it is over the knee of the strong Veronica, who gives her a hard hand spanking Luci will not soon forget. Luci complains and squirms but she will not be getting out of what she has long deserved. Veronica explains how things will be going in this sororit... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 175: Bitsy Spanked by Sister Riley - 10 mins.
Sister Riley (played by Riley Nixon) has called the tiny cutie Bitsy into her office. Bitsy has been ignoring the school rules and dressing too provocatively. Sister Riley teaches the naughty school girl a lesson she will not soon forget. She puts her over her knee for a long, hard spanking with her hand and a wooden ruler. Bitsy squirms and squea... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 174: Juliette Spanks River For Peeping - 8 mins.
Juliette March is masturbating on the sofa in the sorority house when classmate River Fox walks in on her. Juliette accuses River of peeping on her so she grabs the curvy bottomed River and puts her over her knee for a painful spanking. River protests and insists she was peeping and that it is all her fault, but the spanking continues until River ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 173: Veronica Spanked by Mom in Kitchen - 7 mins.
Veronica Ricci got in trouble for fighting and on a rare trip home, her mom (played by Mistress Crystal)is waiting for her. The tall, dominant lady puts her naughty daughter over her knee right there in the kitchen for a very hard spanking with her hand and a wooden spoon. After, Veronica rubs her sore, marked up bottom and reflects on how bad she ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 172: Nikki Spanks Joy in Kitchen - 8 mins.
Nikki Turner is still sore from the spanking that fellow pledge Joy gave her before dinner. And the dinner was a bust despite help from Joy. So Nikki is angry with Joy now. Which means she has no choice but to put her over her knee, right there in the kitchen and give her a painful spanking with her hand, and the same wooden spoon that Joy last use... JOIN FOR MORE
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