Episode 347: Em Indica Spanked For Bad Grades - 10 mins.
New sorority girl Em Indica is marched into the kitchen by her ear. Teacher Clare Fonda knows that Em can do better than her grades indicate so Clare motivates Em with a sound spanking over her knee in the sorority house kitchen, where all the other girls might hear. She even uses a wooden spoon to drive the lesson home.
Episode 346: Test Copying Incident Pt 3 - 11 mins.
Tiana Irie, even though she was spanked by Yasmine, gets called into the office of Teacher Snow and is again spanked for letting Yasmine copy her test answers. Turns out that Tiana did better than her grade indicated, but Snow wanted to teach her a lesson, as she does now with this hard spanking with hand and wooden ruler.
Episode 345: Test Copying Incident Pt 2 - 9 mins.
Yasmine Sinclair was spanked by Tiana Irie for copying on her test. But now that Yasmine learns that they both failed the test, she decides it is time for some payback. She puts Tiana over her knee for a sound spanking, then has her bend over for some swats with a large wooden paddle.
Episode 344: Field Trip Spanking - 10 mins.
Minx Girl is making too much noise in the hotel on the field trip. Apricot Pitts has warned her that they will get in trouble if Minx keeps yelling at the other guests. So Apricot feels that it is time for Minx to receive a spanking and paddling to help keep Minx in line. Apricot turns that muscular bottom bright red.
Episode 343: Graycee Baybee Spanks Clare - 12 mins.
Clare Fonda comes into the kitchen at the sorority house to give Graycee Baybee a spanking for cooking the meal that made the others sick. But Clare was the one who bought the expired mayo. So Clare allows Graycee to spank her, as long as she makes sound like she is the one getting spanked.
Episode 342: Stevie Spanked Over Room Choice - 11 mins.
Stevie Rose tells new sorority girl Case Cherry that she will do anything to switch bedrooms with Case. It seems like Case has been dreaming about spanking Stevie ever since she joined the sorority and this is her big opportunity. She puts Stevie over her knee for a sound spanking, including the wooden paddle.
Episode 341: Test Copying Incident Pt 1 - 9 mins.
Tiana Irie confronts Yasmine Sinclair about copying off her test. Tiana will tell teacher Snow unless Yasmine agrees to be punished. Tiana puts Yasmine over her knee for a sound spanking, then has her bend over for a very painful paddling with a large wooden paddle. Yasmine swears she will never do it again.
Episode 340: Spanked For Escape Attempt - 10 mins.
House mother Madame SammanthaB catches sorority girl Smitten Sorella trying to escape the school for wayward girls. She teachers Sorella a lesson with a sound spanking and paddling over her knee. Sorella kicks and yelps and is embarrassed that all the other sorority girls can hear her punishment. Two girls even come in at the end and laugh.
Episode 339: Sophia Spanked For Being Noisey - 10 mins.
Sophia Quinn is jumping around and making noise while all the other sorority girls are trying to sleep. House mother Miss Bernadette storms into her room and teaches Sophia a lesson the old fashioned way, with an over the knee spanking that turns that curvy bottom bright red. Miss B. even uses a hairbrush to drive the lesson home.
Episode 338: Irene Silver Spanks Burglar - 12 mins.
Irene Silver catches burglar Terra Mizu trying to rob the sorority house. Irene shows Terra how the sorority dishes out discipline as she puts the burglar over her knee and spanks her, turning those thieving buns bright red. Terra promises to never rob again.
Episode 337: Violet Spanks Lux - 10 mins.
Lux Lives just spanked Violet Faraday for holding back the internet password. But now Lux has changed the password and will not tell Violet what the new one is. So now Violet gets her turn to spank Lux. She first spanks Lux on the butt shaking exercise machine before putting her over her knee for a spanking and paddling.
Episode 336: Violet Spanked Over Password - 8 mins.
Lux Lives is new to the sorority and does not know the WiFi password. She approaches Violet Faraday, who is working out on a device that shakes her curvy bottom. But the mischievous Violet will not share the password. Lux spanks her while Violet works out, but she is still deviant, until Lux puts her over a knee for a sounder spanking.
Episode 335: Sarah Gregory Learns About Discipline - 15 mins
Miss Bernadette is displeased with how new teacher Sarah Gregory is unable to control her class. Miss Bernadette demonstrates how to discipline unruly students by giving Sarah a sample of a true punishment. She spanks and straps Sarah until her bottom is bright red and she is left rubbing her sore bottom.
Episode 334: Bully Gets Spanked - 11 mins.
Kiki Cali is called into the office of Guidance Counselor Miss Katherine. Despite being on the tiny side, Kiki has been bullying the other girls and she is not the least bit sorry for it. Well at least not until she finds herself over the knee of the much taller Miss Katherine, who dishes out a spanking that Kiki will not soon forget, using a woode... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 333: Teacher Punished By Student - 11 mins.
Lorraine is a teacher who gets caught being naughty by student Stevie Rose while they are on a field trip. Stevie promises not to tell the principal on Lorraine, but only if she allows Stevie to punish her. Lorraine agrees then finds herself over the knee of the very strong student receiving a painful spanking. Then she must bend over and take some... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 332: Pranks Part 4 - 11 mins.
In the final installment of the Pranks series, Teacher Snow calls Gigi Lea into her office. Snow does not approve of any part of what Gigi did. She should have told her how Yasmine was involved in the prank. And Gigi should not have spanked Yasmine. So now Gigi gets a spanking from the powerful teacher on her already sore bottom, with hand and a wo... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 331: Pranks Part 3 - 7 mins.
Yasmine Sinclair took a spanking from Gigi Lea a while ago so that Gigi would keep silent about who did the prank on teacher Snow Mercy. But Snow found out a then spanked Yasmine, the culprit. So now it is only fair that Yasmine give Gigi a hard spanking of her own. So she puts her fellow schoolgirl over her knee and blisters her bottom using her h... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 330: Pranks Part 2 - 14 mins.
Yasmine Sinclair took a spanking from Gigi to keep silent about Yasmine playing a prank on Teacher Snow Mercy. But Snow knows that it was Yasmine and calls her into her office for a long, hard spanking with her hand and a large, hard wooden ruler. Yasmine tries to get to the bottom of who told Snow, and she surely suspects that it was Gigi. But th... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 329: Pranks Part 1 - 7 mins.
Gigi Lea and Yasmine Sinclair have both been called into the office of Teacher Snow Mercy because one of them will be the main suspect of a prank played on Snow, in which the face of Clare Fonda was printed on her panties. Yasmine will do anything if Gigi does not tell Snow that is was Yasmine who did it. Gigi agrees but only after she gets to span... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 328: Nox Punishes Paula - 11 mins.
Nox, appearing in her first ever spanking scene, plays the tough captain of the volleyball team. In the final scene of the Paula tattletale series, Nox punishes Paula for telling Irene who took the money from the collection basket, even though Irene spanked Paula to get her to tell all. Nox bends Paula over, plus puts her over her knee and uses a h... JOIN FOR MORE
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