Episode 51: Birthday Spanking Tunnel - 12 minutes
The most spectacular spanking tunnel of hot schoolgirls awaits the two birthday girls Paris Kennedy and Phoenix Askani as they crawl between the other girl's legs, getting spanked repeatedly as they do. When they are finished, it is Riley's turn, as they missed her birthday. She goes over each girl's lap for a more traditional spanking. It ends wit... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 50: Gigi Allens Is New Girl of Pain - 19 mins.
Gigi Allens is the new girl, a transfer who must learn the ways of her new school and sorority from Pledge Cheyenne Jewel. Gigi learns the hard way, with a spanking from Cheyenne. But the tall and powerful Gigi strikes back, using her hand, hairbrush and even the large wooden pledge paddle.
Episode 49: Painful Training - 38 mins.
Veronica Ricci is tired of Christy Cutie acting like such a cutie and stealing all the attention, so she uses the power of a spanking to convince Christy to give her some training. Christy gets a chance to strike back. This is a long, entertaining yet intense scene that really delivers and includes some whacks with the large wooden pledge paddle as... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 48: New Pledge Poppy Spanked for Graffiti - 22 mins.
Poppy is new to the sorority and must learn not to partake in her favorite hobby, graffiti. Sheriff Star is right there to teach her this lesson, spanking Poppy with her hand and a mirror (using the glass and wooden sides). Poppy knows how to get a revenge spanking so we end up with two well spanked bottoms.
Episode 47: Veronica Spanked by Traci in Bathroom - 8 mins.
Veronica has broken the rules again. In a voice-over while she walks around campus, she explains how nervous she is that she might get spanked again. And while she is taking a shower, she does indeed get pulled out and spanked by upper classgirl Tracie. An embarrassing naked spanking.
Episode 46: Sister Mary Chris Punishes Jenni Mack - 17 mins.
Jenni Mack is trying to run away from her boarding school, and Sister Mary Chris (played by the powerful Miss Chris) is having none of that. Sister Chris finds Jenni and disciplines her hard for her transgressions, lecturing her all the while. She spanks her with hand and a leather paddle.
Episode 45: Lilly Banks Gets Revenges On Sarah's Bum - 9 mins.
Lilly Banks is back for some revenge on Sarah Gregory. Lilly threatens to burn down the sorority house if Sarah doesn't agree to take a spanking from her. So it over the knee for Sarah while Lilly uses her hand and a hairbrush.
Episode 44: Spankings at Christmas - 15 mins.
Veronica brings Koko home with her for Christmas. Since Veronica and Koko have both been naughty, Veronica's mom gives them a paddle as a gift, so she can spank them and paddle them both. And she makes sure that Veronica can spank Koko hard as well. Ends up been a rosy red Christmas on these lady's behinds.
Episode 43: Strict Nun Spanks Veronica & Jenni - 26 mins.
Veronica Ricci is staying at a hotel with her school volleyball team when she brings Jenni Mack back for a drink. Sister Chris finds them and it is strict discipline time for these two young ladies. First Jenni is spanked with hand and paddle, then it is Veronica's turn to get her bottom turned bright red by this large, angry nun.
Episode 42: Roxy's Farewell Punishment - 16 Mins.
Senior sister Roxy Jezel is moving on from the home for wayward girls. Before she leaves the sorority house for good, she pays a visit to Christy Cutie and Riley to pay some special discipline attention on their poor bottoms, spanking them individually, and then both together, draped over each other, bottoms in the air.
Episode 41: Exhange Student's Farwell - 11 mins.
Veronica Ricci is at it again, kissing and sexually harassing exchange student Sharon Lee, who barely speaks English. There is plenty of kissing and making out, and lots of spanking from each girl. Sharon even gives Veronica a couple with the large wooden pledge paddle.
Episode 40: Roxy Spanks & Paddles Cheyenne & Edanya - 28 mins.
Edanya and Cheyenne Jewel were supposed to make sure Senior Roxy Jezel got picked up. But they forgot. So they start spanking each other right on the stairs - until Roxy gets home and displays her anger by spanking each girl super hard with hand and hairbrush, first over knee, then bent over the ladder for some whacks with the large wooden pledge p... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 39: Cheerleader Spanks Volleyball Player - 12 mins.
Veronica Ricci just lost her volleyball game that Sarah Gregory was cheering for. So Sarah spanks Veronica on her cute, tight volleyball shorts, before going to bare bottom. She finishes with 21 with a leather paddle, one for each point Veronica's team lost by. Great spanking with long-legged perky bottom Veronica getting a stern spanking from Sara... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 38: Roxy's Authority - 20 minutes
Roxy is administering hard discipline to pledges Christy and Edanya for their part in not watching out for the foreign exchange student. Then Riley shows up in her volleyball outfit and gets spanked by all three. It ends badly for Christy, though, when it is determined she is at fault the most, as they all give her a hard whack with the large pledg... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 37: English Lessons Taught With Spanking - 24 mins.
Veronica Ricci has the task of teaching exchange student Sharon Lee all about speaking English. But she can't help but grope this hottie, who resists. Which of course leads to spankings for both of them. And new vocabulary such as "fesse" which is French for"spanking." Sharon actually does not speak much English and didn't know she would be getti... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 36: Cheyene and Edanya Spank Riley - 13 minutes
Edanya and Cheyenne Jewel are tired of getting spanked by fellow Pledge Riley, even if she has been around longer. So when they get the opportunity they both spank her, and teach her a good lesson and that curvy bottom. Even making her sit on the sore thing, and sitting on top of her to increase the pain.
Episode 35: Roxy Spanks Veronica For Making Out - 12 mins.
Roxy tests Veronica by playing kissing her and massaging her. Veronica falls into the trap and begins making out with Roxy. But Roxy will not tolerate this as the president of the sorority so she has no choice but to spank Veronica on her already tender bottom.
Episode 34: Christie Cutie and Riley Spank Each Other - 9 mins.
Roxie has ordered Christy and Riley to spank each other. And if they don't do a good job, she will paddle them. So they spank each other harder than they'd like, with hand a leather strap, till both of their curvy bottoms are red and sore, making it difficult to sit down.
Episode 33: Kat and Veronica Run Away to Vegas - 24 minutes
In Kat St. James last ever spanking shoot, she and Veronica Ricci run away from school. Veronica tries to talk Kat out of it, she even agrees to take a spanking half way to Vegas if that will stop Kat. But it doesn't. Veronica spanks Kat, but that doesn't work either. Sister Mary Alex (played by Alex Reynolds) picks up Veronica in Vegas and of co... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 32: Christy's Revenge Spanking on Sarah - 8 minutes
Pledge Christy Cutie was spanked by Senior Sister Sarah Gregory before the big pledge. But now Christy is threatening to tell on Sarah, who wasn't supposed to do that. Sarah agrees to take a spanking from Christy if she doesn't tell. This was Christy's first time spanking someone, and she is a FAST learner who can spank hard. A natural as Sarah qu... JOIN FOR MORE
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