Episode 32: Christy's Revenge Spanking on Sarah - 8 minutes
Pledge Christy Cutie was spanked by Senior Sister Sarah Gregory before the big pledge. But now Christy is threatening to tell on Sarah, who wasn't supposed to do that. Sarah agrees to take a spanking from Christy if she doesn't tell. This was Christy's first time spanking someone, and she is a FAST learner who can spank hard. A natural as Sarah qu... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 31: Yasmine's Spanking Attack - 28 minutes
Yasmin deLeon (from that school down the tracks) surprises Veronica while she is studying. She overpowers Veronica and spanks her with her hand, then with a large wooden paddle, making Veronica read while getting spanked hard. Veronica drugs Yasmine and gets in some spanking, too.
Episode 30: Star Spanks & Paddles Cheyenne - 11 mins.
Star is the new sheriff at the sorority and she is going after Pledge Cheyenne Jewel, who missed the big sorority pledge. Star puts Cheyenne over her knee for a sound hand spanking, followed by hairbrush, then 11 with a wooden paddle so that Cheyenne can now feel initiated with a sore bottom.
Episode 29: Sorority Initiation - 60 mins.
This is the EPIC episode of the year with Teacher Miss Snow and senior sister Sarah Gregory overseeing the initiation of sorority pledges Veronica Ricci, Paris Kennedy, Christy Cutie, Kat St James, Riley Evans, Phoenix Askani, Edanya and Koko. Sister Mary Ginger also gets into the action. The girls take turns spanking each other over-the-knee befo... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 28: Sarah Spanks Christy - 10 mins.
Elder sister Sarah Gregory is at it again, terrorizing pledge Christy Cutie with a hard hand spanking and paddling, showing Christy what she can expect at the initiation. Christy complains that Roxy warned the sisters not to do any spanking just before the big initiation ceremony, but Sarah spanks Christy extra to get her to keep silent.
Episode 27: Veronica Spanked for Peeping - 22 Mins.
Veronica peeps on Karina while she is changing. Karina is not happy about this and she calls Veronica into her room and puts her over her knee for a long, sound spanking on Veronica's already sore bottom, while both girls are naked. Veronica's bottom turns bright red. Afterwards, the girls make out for a while before Veronica decides for a little p... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 26: Edanya Spanked for Pranking - 14 Mins
Edanya uses a whoopie cushion on Cheyenne and then a hand buzzer on Riley. That is one too many practical jokes and it gets her a sound spanking over Riley's knee with hand and leather strap. Cheyenne must hold down Edanya for part of the spanking. Then Riley has Cheyenne take a turn and spank Edanya as well.
Episode 25: Veronica & Paris Spanked in Class - 18 Mins
Veronica is late for class for the third time and she discovers what the penalty for that is - an otk spanking from Miss Snow in front of the entire class. She is humiliated as they all laugh at her. She also gets hard whacks with a yardstick that leaves marks. But Paris Kennedy, who is wearing an extremely short uniform, also gets spanked in front... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 24: Pledge Cheyenne Gets Double Spanking - 14 Mins
Two new pledges arrive at the sorority. Edanya, who gets in trouble for playing pracitcal jokes, and Cheyenne Jewel, who steals and is a nudist. Well when Edanya catches Cheyenne stealing, she calls on sorority sister Riley to help with the discipline. Riley spanks Cheyenne with hand and hairbrush while Edanya laughs and mocks the her new sister's ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 23: Veronica Spanks Phoenix - 18 Mins
Veronica Ricci learns that Phoenix Askani has been caught doing illegal downloads. So her mom is sending Phoenix to the same school for wayward girls that Veronica goes to. Veronica shares a bubble bath with Phoenix and convinces her to do some nude kissing. Then she shows Phoenix what she can expect at school by putting her over her knee for a han... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 22: Sister Olivia Punishes Sister Ginger - 14 Mins
Sister Mary Olivia has decided that there needs to be more discipline at this school for wayward girls. Sister Mary Ginger is not quite sure that she can deliver the necessary spankings. So sister Mary Olivia must demonstrate and spank and cane some sense into the young nun. She puts her over her knee for a hand spanking, and then bends her over he... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 21: Spanking Competition with Riley and Amaya - 20 Mins
Riley and Amaya both have things to do socially, but have been ordered to do chores for the sorority. Head Sorority Girl Roxy says one girl can get out of the chores - after the girls spank each other over and over until one gives up. The two go at it with everything they can find, even the pledge paddle. The winner gets to leave on her date while ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 20: Mom Spanks Veronica & Koko For Anal Bead Story - 36 Mins
Veronica and Koko are decorating for Christmas when Veronica decides to tell Koko about an experience she had last year when her cheerleader coach's wife put anal beads in her butt. Veronica's mom overhears this and decides she must teach her daughter a lesson with a sound hand and hair brush spanking. Koko laughs the entire time. So when Veronica'... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 19: Veronica Gets Revenge on Becky & Traci - 18 Mins
Veronica is still sore from the spanking she got from her Mom last Halloween. And this was because of her friend Becky (Gia Steel) and sorority sister Traci. Veronica makes out with Gia a little bit, sucking her breasts, because she knows that Gia will resist. Then she throws her over her knee and spanks her hard until Becky's curvy bottom is speck... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 18: Roxy Punishes Christy Hard! - 24 Mins
Christy snuck out for a Halloween party even though Sarah warned her not to. So Christy is in for some extra hard discipline from sorority president Roxy Jezel. Roxy starts with an over-the-knee hand spanking, then uses a wooden hairbrush and finishes over with 10 hard whacks with the large wooden pledge paddle.
Episode 17: Halloween Spanktacular - 18 Mins
Halloween in the sorority house takes a turn for the scary as all the girls there begin spanking each other, including Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie, Kat St. James, Karina, Riley and Amaya. Veronica went home to have her own party. But she failed to tell her mom, who catches her and of course has no choice but to spank her. Lots of over-the-knee spa... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 16: Riley & Amaya Spank Karina & Kat - 12 Mins
Kat and Karina had spanked Amaya and Riley when they first arrived to the sorority house because Kat said it was authorized by the sorority leaders. Only it wasn't. So now it is time for some payback. Riley and Amaya put each girl over the knee for a sound spanking, then take turns on the other girl. They spank with hand, and with hairbrush until K... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 15: Becky Spanks & Paddles Veronica - 18 Mins
Veronica's Best friend Becky comes to visit her at the sorority house. Veronica is a little drunk and starts making a pass at Becky (who is played by Gia Steel). Veronica has told Becky about all the spankings that go on at the house, and Gia warns Veronica that if she doesn't leave her alone, she will spank her. But Veronica just can't keep her ha... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 14: Riley Spanks Amaya - 8 Mins
Riley was mocked at volleyball practice for her red bottom from the spanking Amaya gave her recently. So Riley decides it is time for a little revenge. The tall, athletic girl tosses Amaya over her knee and gives her a hard hand spanking, followed by some swats with the wooden spoon. Amaya must cancel her date, and ends up rubbing a frozen vegetabl... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 13: Veronica & Sarah Spank Lily Banks - 24 Mins
Veronica Ricci sneaks into new pledge Lily Banks room to do some friendly groping, as a way of welcoming Lily to the sorority. But Lily is having none of it and resists. The girls struggle a while before Veronica gets Lily over her knee for a spanking that turns Lily's bottom bright red (in fact the first ever spanking Lily Banks has received). Lil... JOIN FOR MORE
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