Episode 122: Star Gets Revenge on Arielle - 19 mins
Senior Sister Star Nine did warn new girl Arielle Lane that she would give her a spanking sometime as revenge for getting spanked by Arielle. So Star barges into Arielle's room, puts her over her knee and gives her a long spanking with her hand and a hairbrush until Arielle is red and sorry. Then she follows her onto her bed, where they make out un... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 121: Vernoica Spanks Teacher Snow - 13 mins.
When Veronica Ricci informs teacher Snow Mercy that she has proof that Snow graded all the tests incorrectly, Snow says she'll do anything if Veronica doesn't report her. For Veronica "anything" means she puts Snow over her knee for a long, hard spanking, then bends her over the desk Snow's office for more with a yardstick and the large wooden pled... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 120: Soccer Mom Spanking Battle - 16 mins.
Clare Fonda was spanked and bullied by her daughter and now her neighbor Silvia Sage bosses her around and spanks Clare for being weak in the discipline department. She even makes her crawl to get a hairbrush used to spank her bare bottom. But Clare finally grows a backbone when she hears Silvia ratted out Clare's daughter. Clare puts "soccer mom" ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 119: Arielle Lane Punishes Star - 17 mins.
Arielle Lane plays Alyssa's sister, who is after revenge on the sorority Sheriff (played by Star Nine). She gives Star a shot in the butt, then puts her over her knee for a spanking. Then for further humiliation, Arielle uses a vibrator on her. Star promises to get her own revenge in the near future.
Episode 118: Veronica Gets Spanked by Briana's Mom - 15 mins.
Veronica Ricci is exercising when Briana's Mom (Miss Cassie) bursts into her room to teach Veronica a lesson for making out with Miss Cassie's daughter. She turns Veronica's bottom bright red. But Veronica explains that she was shooting a workout video, which Miss Cassie ruined. So Veronica gives Briana's mom a sound spanking of her own.
Episode 117: Clare Fonda Spanked by Her Daughter - 13 mins.
Finally, spanking legend Clare Fonda joins this site as mom to wayward girl Nikki Knightly. Nikki is such a dominant force that when she gets angry for her mom suggesting she join the sorority, Nikki gives her mom a humiliating spanking with hand and paddle while they wait to speak to a sorority representative. Lots of energy in this one.
Episode 116: Willow Catches Veronica With New Tattoo - 16 mins.
When Willow spots Veronica Ricci's new tramp stamp tattoo, she threatens to tell the nuns on Veronica. So Veronica agrees to take a spanking from Willow (which includes a wooden paddle) in exchange for her silence. But Veronica rarely takes a spanking without giving one back. She teaches a hard lesson about making threats.
Episode 115: Angela Spanked by Hit Woman Christina - 12 mins.
Hit Woman Christina Carter has been hired by the rival school to retrain Angela Sommers so she is a bad girl again. Her method is to give Angela a hard spanking on her beautiful, curvy bottom until she agrees to be the nasty girl she used to be before she was spanked into being good. Confusing unless you check it out. High energy, good spanking.
Episode 114: Halloween Party Spanking - 15 mins.
Sorority girl Jenna Sativa catches Veronica Ricci trying to sneak off to a Halloween party dressed as a cat girl. Veronica decides to teach her a lesson with a sound, over-the-knee spanking. But that won't stop Jenna from telling the nuns. The only way to keep her silence is if Veronica agrees to a spanking. What choice does she have?
Episode 113: Emily Parker Spanks Rival Sorority Girl - 17 mins.
When Emily Parker finds rival sorority girl Sophia Sativa spying on her in the kitchen, she decides to teach the shy young girl a painful lesson. Emily puts her over her knee and gives her a long, hard spanking that turns her bottom bright red. She even humiliates they shy girl by making her count out the last 100.
Episode 112: Elori Gets a Spanking From Mom - 8 mins.
Elori Stix is a cute young brat with a curvy bottom who complains to her mom about getting stuck with the new sorority. Her mom (played by fetish superstar Julie Simone) will not put up with any guff so she gives her daughter a sound spanking with her hand and hairbrush until Elori's bottom is bright red and she has learned her lesson.
Episode 111: Spanking In Nun's Office - 22 mins.
When Sister Mary Ginger calls Veronica into her office, she accuses her of some bad things, then doles out some serious punishment, including a hand spanking, whacks with a yard stick and even some with the large wooden pledge paddle. All this while Veronica argues she is innocent of this charge. Once Veronica proves it, it is Sister Ginger's turn ... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 110: Coach Gives Morning Spanking - 11 mins.
Coach Natalie Rose wakes Christy Cutie up with a spanking in her bedroom so she won't be late to practice. She spanks her hard with her hand and a large wooden paddle. But Christy is strong and displays her strength by putting her coach over her knee of a spanking of her own.
Episode 109: Roller Spanking - 27 mins.
New PE teacher Natalie Rose is in a wheelchair. When Christy Cutie and Veronica Ricci make fun of her, she spanks them both right over her wheelchair. But when the sorority girls discover that Natalie was faking it, they get their revenge on her behind. Lots of long, hard spanking and curvy, red bottoms from hand, hairbrush and wooden bath brush.
Episode 108: Rival Spank-Off - 14 mins.
Emily Parker catches Spirit Sanctus, a girl from a rival school, spying on her so she has to teach her a lesson with a sound spanking over her knee. The tall and strong Spirit then gets Emily back with a spanking of her own. The girls sit on a hot electric furnace for the spankings, so they both end up with sore and toasty bottoms.
Episode 107: Jenna Sativa Spanks Stevie Rose - 6 mins.
Jenna Sativa is mad that Stevie Rose got them both spanked by Veronica so she takes her revenge out on Stevie's bottom by spanking her with her hand, given her a wedgie and then spanking her with the wooden bath brush till Stevie is red, sore and sorry.
Episode 106: Veronica Spanks Stevie and Jenna Sativa - 24 mins.
When Veronica catches Stevie Rose and Jenna Satvia acting naughty with each other, she bursts into their room and gives them each a painful spanking. She also gives each girl a hard wedgie to further teach them to behave. And since she believes that Stevie was the main instigator, she gives Stevie and extra hard spanking with a wooden bath brush.
Episode 105: Sadie Spanks Riley Over Game - 7 mins.
In Riley's last scene for the site, she gets spanked by Sadie Holmes for losing another volleyball game. The girls struggle for a bit in the bed, before Sadie puts Riley over her knee and gives that curvy bottom one last memorable spanking with her hand and a hair brush, leaving Riley clutching and rubbing in pain. And as always these two love to u... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 104: Gigi Allens Teaches Lily a Painful Lesson - 11 mins.
Gigi Allens has instructed Lily to cook for the sorority. When Lily does a poor job of it and flashes a bratty attitude, Gigi puts the curvy bottomed girl over her knee for a long, painful spanking with her hand and a wooden bath brush. She further humiliates Lily by having her bend over the trash to throw out the food and spanks her more in this p... JOIN FOR MORE
Episode 103: Lost Map Woods Spankings - 10 mins.
Veronica Ricci is hiking in the woods with Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark when she learns that they have lost the map. She spanks each girl until they overpower her and give her a spanking right there in the woods. Lots of red bottoms and no map.
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